Pilot Chemical announces distribution and marketing partnerships
Photo courtesy of ChemSynergy GmbH

Pilot Chemical announces distribution and marketing partnerships

Pilot Chemical Company has appointed ChemSynergy GmbH as its European distribution partner for quaternary ammonium biocides.

Quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) are widely used in disinfection of water, surfaces and instruments as well as in textile, leather and food industries because of their relatively low toxicity, broad antimicrobial spectrum, non-volatility and chemical stability.

ChemSynergy is a global supplier with a long history and deep expertise in basic oleochemicals and derivatives focused on the personal care industry, household products/detergents, as well as industrial applications.

“Working with ChemSynergy as our European distribution partner just made sense,” said Richard Rehg, vice president of commercial for Pilot Chemical Company. “ChemSynergy has the network reach and extensive expertise in the industries we serve, and we’re excited about what the partnership between the companies will mean for serving the European market with our family of Article 95-compliant actives.”

Pilot Chemical has more than 35 years of quaternary ammonium compounds manufacturing experience and significant expertise in regulated biocides markets. This partnership will provide European customers with new opportunities in markets where biocides are or will be used.

Pilot Chemical’s quaternary ammonium biocides will be available for sale to the European market starting April 2022.

In related news, Pilot Chemical also announced an agreement with Integrity Bio-Chemicals (IBC) to be the exclusive marketer of IBC’s Tegrasurf TM line of high-performance biosurfactants into the North American Household, Industrial & Institutional (HI&I) markets. Tegrasurf TM products offer a substantial reduction in carbon footprint relative to many conventional surfactants while also exhibiting superior performance in foam stability and surface tension reduction.

Partnering with IBC enables Pilot Chemical to offer a localized, alternative supply of nonionic surfactants to reliably meet the needs of the HI&I market. The Tegrasurf TM line strengthens Pilot Chemical’s position in the biosurfactants market to address growing consumer demand for sustainable, biobased and biodegradable ingredients.

The products will be available under the Pilot Chemical label in the North American HI&I markets starting in June 2022.