Volvo launches next-gen trucks cutting emissions and fuel use
Photo courtesy of Volvo Trucks

Volvo launches next-gen trucks cutting emissions and fuel use

Volvo Trucks has unveiled sweeping updates to its heavy-duty truck lineup targeting improved fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions in markets globally.

An all-new model range debuting in North America offers up to 10% better fuel economy while significantly elevating safety. The platform will support further electric, hydrogen and biofuel options aligned with Volvo’s net-zero emission goal for commercial vehicles by 2040.

In Europe, Asia and Australia, the company rolled out its aerodynamic Volvo FH Aero tractor-trailer combination. Optimised body styling cuts energy use, and thus CO2 output, by around 5% year-over-year based on the automaker’s assessments.

“We are setting a new bar for efficiency while accelerating environmental progress,” said Volvo Trucks President Roger Alm, citing the “bold move” as vital for phasing out fossil fuel dependence.

The initial Volvo FH Aero spec includes diesel along with biogas and battery-electric variants. Volvo’s total EV truck model count now stands at eight globally as demand for zero-emission hauling solutions continues to rise.

Alm added that a diverse technology toolkit enabling customer carbon reductions regardless of regional supply and infrastructure barriers remains essential during the transition. The wide-ranging refresh future-proofs Volvo’s heavyweight vehicle catalog against tightening fuel efficiency standards worldwide.