Brightmark and Chevron deliver first RNG from Florida's Larson Project
Photo courtesy of Brightmark RNG Holdings

Brightmark and Chevron deliver first RNG from Florida’s Larson Project

Brightmark RNG Holdings LLC, a partnership between Chevron U.S.A. Inc. and Brightmark Fund Holdings LLC, has announced the inaugural delivery of renewable natural gas (RNG) from the Larson Project in Okeechobee County, Florida, U.S.A. The Larson Project, situated at Larson Family Farms, utilises four lagoon anaerobic digesters. This venture marks the partnership’s first RNG project in Florida, expanding their U.S. network aimed at producing dairy RNG for eco-friendlier transportation fuel.

The Larson Project’s process involves capturing methane from cow manure through anaerobic digestion, converting it into RNG. Methane, a significant greenhouse gas, accounts for approximately 17.3% of global emissions. The RNG produced is utilised as transportation fuel, while the remaining solids are repurposed into organic fertilizers. Additionally, the recaptured water is returned to the farm for reuse. This initiative offers multiple environmental advantages, including improved air quality, soil stabilisation, and reduced carbon intensity in farming practices.

Bob Powell, Brightmark’s founder and CEO, emphasised the significance of anaerobic digestion in reducing methane emissions and fostering local economic growth. “Our collaboration with Chevron and Larson showcases the RNG market’s expansion, driven by the agricultural and food waste sector,” Powell said.

Nuray Elci, general manager of renewables at Chevron’s Americas Products business, expressed enthusiasm about the milestone achieved in Florida. She highlighted the projects’ role in promoting affordable, reliable energy and advancing lower carbon solutions.

Brightmark’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions is evident in its efforts to enhance water quality through sustainable industry practices. The company recently celebrated a significant achievement, reducing more than 500,000 tons of CO2 equivalent (CO2eq) through its RNG projects across the U.S. The Larson Project alone prevents more than 57,000 tons CO2eq from entering the atmosphere annually, equivalent to planting more than 75,000 acres of forest.

Woody Larson, founding rancher of Family Tree Enterprises, which owns Larson Family Farms, emphasised the project’s sustainability and benefits to farmers. He noted the RNG’s value in balancing production offsets while ensuring farm and animal health.