Energy Through Education! The Renewables Academy AG (RENAC) Celebrates 10 Successful Years of Disseminating Know-How on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency around the World

Academy AG (RENAC)
, based in Berlin (Germany), is very proud to
celebrate its 10th anniversary. Since its founding in 2008, RENAC
has become an important and innovative provider of international
trainings and capacity building for renewable energy and energy
efficiency all around the world. More than 10,000 participants from over
140 countries have joined RENAC programmes.

In 2008, Berthold Breid, RENAC’s founder and director, had the dream to
support the international development of green energy markets through
know-how transfer and exchange of expertise on renewable energy and
energy efficiency. “Knowledge is one of the key factors for the
sustainable development of clean and secure energy supplies”, said Mr.
Breid. “Through our activities, we aim at satisfying the increasing
demand for expertise throughout the public sector, private sector,
finance sector, and potential investors in the green energy markets.
Thanks to our participants, clients, partners, and, of course, the RENAC
team, this dream has been possible.”

One of the first big projects was TREE – Transfer Renewable Energy and
Efficiency. TREE offered comprehensive training on technical, legal and
economic aspects of renewable energy technologies for participants from
90 countries. Since then, RENAC has implemented more than 500 capacity
buildings projects worldwide. Some of the many success stories include
the design and installation of Training
and regional Train-the-Trainer
seminars at Wigton Windfarm (Jamaica) as well as at the EARTH University
(Costa Rica), the programme Green
Banking -Capacity Building on Green Energy and Climate Finance
the finance sector and trainings on grid integration of renewable energy.

RENAC also offers the academic degrees MBA
-in collaboration with the Beuth University of Applied
Sciences – and Especialización
en Energías Renovables
– together with the Earth University-, as
well as a wide variety of face-to-face and online open
. Additionally, as consultant for the German
Energy Solutions Initiative
of the Federal Ministry of Economic
Affairs and Energy, RENAC has organised about 350 events for German
companies so far.

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