June 03, 2020

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Castrol and Gehring establish partnership
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Sebastian Schöning, CEO of the Gehring Group

Castrol, one of the world’s leading lubricants brands, and Gehring, a globally operating machine tool company, have announced a significant strengthening of their relationship by creating a partnership which will bring together Castrol’s knowledge of lubrication and metalworking fluids with Gehring’s expertise in precision machine tooling.

Gehring is widely recognised as a technology leader for honing internal combustion engines in the automotive manufacturing sector, but they are also innovators in the manufacture of traction drives for electric vehicles.

Meeting the future challenge of continually reducing CO2 emissions and increasing engine efficiency will require a step change in the precision manufacturing of engine parts. Gehring and Castrol will be working together on co-designing honing machine tools, honing fluids and creating new digital fluid monitoring systems. These will enable greater precision in manufacturing and open up possibilities for the use of new materials in future engine designs.

“Now is an exciting time for suppliers to the auto industry. By working together to push the boundaries of our respective technologies this partnership will open up new opportunities to jointly develop offers which will help automotive manufacturers to respond to the emerging trends in transportation,” said Mathias Buschbeck, global industrial leader at Castrol.

“The Gehring Group contribute towards the reduction of CO2 emissions from modern engines with our innovative technologies and want to improve every single part of the complete production system. Therefore, the partnership will push us forward regarding fluid optimization and digital opportunities for monitoring. We are looking forward to a successful relationship,” said Sebastian Schöning, CEO of the Gehring Group.

The two companies are already exploring how to increase the efficiency of combustion and engine oil lubrication by developing new solutions to optimise cylinder-block machining and surface finishing. The surface structure of cylinder blocks has to be perfectly designed to absorb as much engine oil as possible while maintaining the required friction properties for ideal fuel combustion. This partnership will enable greater precision in manufacturing and open up new possibilities for the use of new materials in future engine designs.

Castrol, one of the world’s leading lubricant brands, has a proud heritage of innovation and fuelling the dreams of pioneers. Castrol is part of the BP group and serves customers and consumers in the automotive, marine, industrial and energy sectors.

Gehring is a globally operating machine tool company with more than 90 years of experience and expertise in precision. After the merger with copperING, which has extensive experience as a manufacturer of production technology in the field of electric powertrains, the group offers a wide range of innovative production technologies for vehicle drives – from conventional solutions to hybrid technologies and even integral electrification.

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