Chevron Oronite's top-tier additive package approved by MAN Truck & Bus AG
Photo courtesy of MAN Truck & Bus AG

Chevron Oronite’s top-tier additive package approved by MAN Truck & Bus

Chevron Oronite announced that a top-tier additive package developed to meet the needs of the latest and most advanced European heavy-duty diesel engines, OLOA® 61011, has obtained the MAN M3677 approval from MAN Truck & Bus AG. The MAN M3677 specification is the latest of several high-tier OEM approvals for OLOA 61011 in both on- and off-road applications.

“If you are looking for a high-performing, long-lasting, and flexible product for your heavy-duty engine portfolio, OLOA 61011 is a unique and field-proven solution for you,” said Mark Sztenderowicz, global manager, Product Development, Automotive Engine Oils, Oronite.“ After two years of successful testing in demanding, real-world fleet tests, you can be confident that this technology has been proven to deliver in real-world use in MAN-equipped trucks and busses.”

MAN M3677 quality standards require trucks to cover 240,000 km ( almost 150,000 miles) and to provide oil drain intervals of 120,000 km (~75,000 miles) between oil changes. Oronite’s final oil formulation using OLOA 61011, was tested in the engines of multiple Euro VI MAN trucks equipped with the latest exhaust gas aftertreatment equipment. The trucks faced very challenging environments, undergoing high and low temperatures, heavy traffic, and high loads.

“The used oil analysis showed particularly good results in terms of viscosity, oxidation and wear control,” said Jeroen Van Leeuwen, technical team leader, Automotive Engine Oils, Rotterdam Technology Center, Oronite. “The elemental mass analysis demonstrated strong oil evaporation control, and after thorough, expert examinations of the internal parts of engines in our field tests, we found minimal carbon deposits in important areas of the engines, including pistons and rings, and negligible sludge deposits in critical areas throughout the engine. These results demonstrate the ability of OLOA 61011 to help deliver the strong, sustained engine performance expected over the long term by truck fleet owners and operators.”

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