Chevron Philippines launches new range of Caltex Havoline motorcycle oils

Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI) has launched a new range of Caltex Havoline synthetic and mineral motorcycle engine oils formulated with “premium base oils and cutting-edge additives to protect the engine under both normal and challenging riding conditions.”

Havoline’s latest family of motorcycle oils is now available at Caltex stations and local auto supply shops throughout the Philippines.

“It has always been our pride to provide innovative solutions to our riders not just in enhancing their bike’s engine performance but also in making their experience more exciting and valuable,” said Lennard Kwek, Asia Pacific marketing manager, Chevron Lubricants.

The new range of motorcycle engine oils uses Caltex Havoline’s proprietary C.O.R.E. technology, which is designed to clean and protect the engine, provide oxidation stability against heat and oil degradation, reduce engine heat damage and enhance acceleration.

Havoline’s ZoomTech additive technology,ย a friction booster additive that “helps deliver a 13% improvement in static friction performance,” is availableย in Super 4T semi-synthetic and mineral oil.

Caltex Havoline’s advanced motorcycle engine oils meet the latest North American gasoline engine oil specification called API SN. All products are also compatible with Japanโ€™s JASO MB specification. A JASO MB engine oil, which is suitable for dry-clutch gearboxes, ensures lower frictional properties to deliver maximum engine efficiency.