Dutch lubricants maker Rymax reports record 2023 growth
Photo courtesy of Rymax

Dutch lubricants maker Rymax reports record 2023 growth

Independent Dutch lubricants company Rymax Lubricants achieved its best-ever annual sales in 2023, the firm announced.

Revenues from international expansion along with new product introductions helped Rymax notch double-digit volume growth despite the lingering impact of the Covid-19 pandemic along with geopolitical and market fluctuations.

Managing Director Wouter Cuppen credited “flexible” adaptation that allowed capitalising on opportunities like an eight-country footprint increase. He said healthy distribution across continents provided sustainable expansion not over reliant on any single region.

Though a mature market, Rymax surprisingly Europe realised record results. Ongoing diversification remains core to the firm’s growth strategy in balancing macro-economic variables.

Cuppen explained how global uncertainties underscore the importance of diversified market participation. Dynamic production capabilities also enable responding to demand shifts.

Centralised headquarters oversight ensures consistency in the company’s push to extend its niche across more geographies. Targeted branding and distribution investments propelled wider awareness and dealer sign-ons abroad.

Alongside outbound stretches, Rymax revamped packaging and products to sharpen consumer positioning. New labeling, bottles and drums rolled out sporting an updated orange and black visual identity.

Additions like food-grade oils optimised the portfolio while introducing greater segment specificity. Commercial Director Erik Vermeer said alignments to innovation and customer service has prepared Rymax for the next growth phase.

The combination of breakthrough sales, international increase, product mix elevation and refreshed branding capped the brand’s banner year to date. Vermeer noted how it displayed returns on priorities like production quality, marketing and channel expansion.