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Emery Oleochemicals launches a high–temperature stable ester

Emery Oleochemicals launches a high–temperature stable ester
Photo courtesy of Emergy Oleochemicals.

Emery Oleochemicals, a global specialty chemical manufacturer with headquarters in Malaysia, announced the market launch of its new high-temperature stable ester. DEHYLUB® 4105 is an ester with high thermal and hydrolytic stability combined with excellent low temperature and lubrication properties.

DEHYLUB 4105 can be formulated as a base fluid or as a lubricity additive. It is a base fluid of choice in formulating chain oils for various applications like lifting chains for cranes, sluice gates, forklifts, forges, rolling mills and conveyor systems. Other applications include two-stroke engine oils, gear oils and greases.

As a lubricity additive, DEHYLUB 4105 performs well as a mineral-oil free base fluid and as a lubricity booster in both straight oil and emulsifiable metalworking fluids, the company said. The product is extremely hydrolytically stable and leaves very low levels of deposits and varnish after use, it added.

At a flashpoint of above 280°C, DEHYLUB 4105 is suitable for high-temperature applications. At a pour point of -40°C, DEHYLUB 4105 can be formulated as an outdoor lubricant without the risk of having any filtration issues due to low temperatures. This natural-based, environmentally-friendly product provides very low volatility losses at a working temperature range from 180°C to 250°C.

DEHYLUB 4105 is available in commercial quantities in Europe and in sample quantities in North America and Asia. It is listed on most major chemical inventories. It is not considered hazardous by the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200) and currently is not classified according to EU legislation.

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