Ferrari to unveil first full electric vehicle by 2025
Photo courtesy of Ferrari

Ferrari to unveil first full electric vehicle by 2025

Ferrari, the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, said that by 2026, its product offering will be 40% internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, and 60% hybrid vehicles and full electric vehicles (EVs). By 2030, it is targeting an offering composed of 20% ICE, 40% hybrid vehicles and 40% EVs. 

“The evolution of ICE, an essential part of the company’s heritage, will continue,” the company said during Ferrari Capital Markets Day on June 16. “Hybrid powertrains will continue to benefit from the technological transfer of Ferrari’s racing  experience,” the Maranello, Italy-based company said, while “electric engines will be designed, handcrafted and assembled in Maranello, to ensure a unique driving experience also derived from racing solutions.” 

Ferrari will unveil its first full electric vehicle in 2025. The EV will be rooted in the Prancing Horse’s heritage, drawing from a broader technical expertise to further enhance driving thrills. Its unique features, leveraging the racing know-how, will make it a true Ferrari, ensuring it stands out across all  dimensions: engine power density, weight, sound and driving emotions. 

“We  will continue to draw on our competitive advantages: uniqueness and technological leadership, whilst  taking actions to reach carbon neutrality by 2030,” said Benedetto Vigna, Ferrari CEO.

Another key differentiating element for Ferrari electric cars will be the way the battery cells—which will be purchased to ensure the highest quality and latest technology—will be assembled in Maranello.  The handcrafted battery modules will be integrated into the chassis of cars in a process focused on reducing the weight of the vehicle, increasing the performance and creating the unique driving  experience.

Ferrari will continue to develop and make in-house its core components, while co-developing and tailoring best-in-class existing solutions with selected partners, as it has always done since its establishment. Strategic partnerships in non-core hardware and software areas will provide access to state-of-the-art technologies, helping to maintain a disciplined approach towards investment whilst enhancing design, performance and driving thrills. 

An additional development of the plant in Maranello will assure the technical capacity and capability in  excess of the needs for the years to come. In particular, it will be enriched by a new e-building where  electric engines, inverters, and batteries will be designed, handcrafted and assembled. A new paint shop will provide an even higher degree of personalization, an important trend in the luxury space. 

A restructuring in October 2015 established Ferrari N.V., a company incorporated in the Netherlands, as the new holding company of the Ferrari S.p.A. group.