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FUCHS PETROLUB SE announces name change effective in July

FUCHS PETROLUB SE announces name change effective in July
Photo courtesy of FUCHS PETROLUB

FUCHS PETROLUB SE, based in Mannheim, Germany, will be operating under the name of FUCHS SE in the future. The resolution to change the company name to simply FUCHS SE was passed at the Annual General Meeting on May 3, 2023.

“The term PETROLUB refers to the origin of the raw materials and is of no relevance today either in brand communication or in the company names of the Group companies, and it can lead to a misconception of our business model,” said Chief Technology Officer Sebastian Heiner. 

โ€œFUCHS has been focusing for a long time on the development, manufacture and distribution of highly efficient lubrication solutions for the operation of equipment and machinery. In light of increasing technical requirements and sustainability efforts, the focus is on high-performance raw materials from sustainable sources, which is why the name component PETROLUB is no longer appropriate. In addition, the word PETROLUB is not part of the company name of the 56 FUCHS subsidiaries worldwide and is therefore not an issue from the customer’s point of view.

“As a high-tech company, we want to expand our technology leadership in strategically important application areas, be it in the fields of digitalisation, future mobility or sustainability. With the current renaming, we are underlining our focus on advanced, process-oriented and holistic solutions for lubricants and functional fluids,” said CEO Stefan Fuchs.

Today, the FUCHS product portfolio comprises more than 10,000 products in almost all industry segments, including novel functional fluids such as thermofluids, which regulate the temperature in the drive of electric cars or are also used in large data centers.

The renaming to FUCHS SE is expected to take place on July 3, 2023.