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Husky Corp. acquires Kinetic and K100 fuel treatment additives

Husky Corp. acquires Kinetic and K100 fuel treatment additives
Photo courtesy of K100

Husky Corporation, which manufactures innovative fuel dispensing products and serves customers across the transportation sector, has acquired New York-based Kinetic Laboratories and the K100 product line of gasoline and diesel fuel treatment additives. 

Founded in 1947 with headquarters and production facilities in the metro St. Louis area at Pacific, Missouri, Husky Corp. offers a complete line of dispensing nozzles, swivels, Safe-T-Breaksยฎ, hoses and related accessories for fuel delivery systems. Huskyโ€™s operating divisions include BJE Oil and Lube products, Hewitt Aviation Fueling Products and S.U.R. & R. Fluid Line Repair solutions. Additionally, the company offers Enevo Logistics Optimization systems and Roman Seliger Liquid Loading Arms.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

K100 features a proprietary formula developed 57 years ago that addresses water management, fuel stability, and control of gums and varnishes. It is considered a versatile and effective fuel treatment, according to the company.

โ€œThe K100 product line is an excellent compliment to all our current offerings for fuel dispensing, automotive, and transportation customers,โ€ said Husky Corporation President Grenville Sutcliffe. โ€œThis acquisition fits extremely well with our company growth strategy.โ€

K100 products have a unique ability to target water in fuel systems, a particular problem in ethanol-blended gasoline. When added to fuel or storage tanks, K100 permanently bonds and encapsulates water molecules, forming a burnable organic compound. As the engine runs, the encapsulated water is harmlessly burned with the fuel, releasing a beneficial cleansing steam. The process is embodied in the K100 โ€œWe Make Water Burnโ€ trademark.

โ€œWe are delighted to see that Husky is dedicated to investing in K100 to grow the business,โ€ said Kinetic Laboratories CEO Mark Quallen.