Wolf launches new engine oil that meets Ford's latest spec
Photo courtesy of Wolf Lubricants

Wolf launches new engine oil that meets Ford’s latest spec

Wolf Lubricants has launched WOLF OFFICIALTECH 0W20 C6 F. The new engine oil has been formulated to meet Fordโ€™s latest lubricant specification, Ford WSS-M2C952-A1, and the latest ACEA C6 specification. Wolf has been one of the first companies to market with a product that meets both this OEM and industry specification.

โ€œAs one of the first to market with a product that meets the new Ford standard and ACEA 6 sequence, we are showing constant support and reactivity towards our distribution network and the market,โ€ said Joseph Charlot, head of Product Marketing.

With ongoing growth in the demand for more fuel-efficient engines and CO2 emission reductions, automotive OEMs continue to downsize both forced-induction and naturally aspirated direct injection engines. This trend has, in turn, created the need for high-performance exhaust gas after treatment systems. With these new technologies and the corresponding shifts in industry legislation, new engine oil formulations are needed to meet efficiency and emission requirements.

The research and development engineers at Wolf Lubricants have met these demanding new standards with OFFICIALTECH 0W20 C6 F. This new engine oil is recommended for the latest Ford EcoBlue diesel engines, which are outfitted to a variety of models, from the EcoSport and Focus to the Puma and Transit Connect.

The lubricant is also suitable for many of the latest engines requiring ACEA C6 and has been specifically developed to extend the life and efficiency of exhaust gas after-treatment systems. Its unique formulation delivers superior fuel economy in combination with CO2 emission reductions, complete engine protection and ensures easier cold starts.

Meeting ACEA C6 specification also means the new engine oil minimizes engine chain wear and offers effective protection against low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) in turbocharged direct injection engines as well as against turbocharger compressor deposits (TCCD). 

OFFICIALTECH 0W20 C6 F is available in 1, 5, 20, 60, 205-litre sizes.