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Frick Industrial Refrigeration rebrands its lubricants line as Frick PureOil™

Johnson Controls’ Frick Industrial Refrigeration announced that it has rebranded its global range of lubricants under the new Frick PureOilTM name.

Frick PureOil is guaranteed to meet the specifications for particular compressors and mechanical refrigeration applications.

The move comes in response to questions about the value of OEM-supplied oils, as third party oils from many sources proliferate in the ammonia refrigeration industry.

Johnson Controls, a global diversified technology and multi‐industrial leader serving a wide range of customers in more than 150 countries, manufactures a full line of Frick brand industrial refrigeration equipment for food and beverage applications. Johnson Controls – Frick® has manufactured refrigeration compressors for all types of applications and refrigerants since 1882.

Quality lubricants play critical roles in mechanical refrigeration systems, protecting compressors and system components, ensuring long life, maintaining leak tightness and low oil carryover, and enabling proper performance and efficient operation.

They also play a vital role in reducing corrosion, which can quickly lead to serious internal damage and/or mechanical breakdown.

Frick said that “third party branded oils can cause chemical reactions or breakdown of the lubricant or its additives within a compressor system, resulting in bearing damage, plugging of valves, and fouling of heat transfer surfaces – which, in turn, can lead to total mechanical breakdown.”

“Once this happens, the small cost savings sought by using non‐Frick oils are completely eliminated by the significant cost of repairing or even replacing the compressor, followed by the clean‐up of contamination in the system and piping,” said John Gay, marketing manager, Industrial Refrigeration. “Not to mention the inconvenience for building owners and loss of productivity in process applications. And unplanned events such as these often occur where there is no budget to cover repairs or equipment replacements.”

All containers of Frick PureOil™ will carry a Frick “seal of authenticity,” to reassure contractors and end users, and deter those seeking to pass off inferior products as genuine components supplied by Frick.