HIF, Porsche, VW Group launch DAC technology in Chile
Photo courtesy of HIF Global

HIF, Porsche, VW Group launch DAC technology in Chile

In a significant move towards sustainable fuel solutions, HIF Global, in collaboration with Porsche AG and Volkswagen Group Innovation, unveiled plans for a Direct Air Capture (DAC) unit. This unit, touted as “the future of CO2 recycling,” is set to be integrated at the HIF Haru Oni Demonstration facility in southern Chile by 2024. The facility, Haru Oni, stands out as the pioneering eFuels plant to incorporate DAC technology.

Cesar Norton, HIF Global’s president and CEO, emphasised the company’s proactive approach, stating, “Carbon-neutral eFuels are a tangible solution for transportation decarbonisation. Our focus now is on advancing DAC technology, which promises efficient and cost-effective CO2 capture. Our collaboration with Porsche in Chile is a testament to our commitment to this technology.”

eFuels are synthesised by merging green hydrogen with recycled CO2, resulting in eMethanol. This eMethanol can then be transformed into eGasoline, eSAF, or other synthetic fuels. Currently, the Haru Oni facility operates using biogenic CO2 and hydrogen, harnessed from the robust winds of the Magallanes region. The forthcoming DAC prototype is expected to extract up to 600 tons of carbon dioxide annually from the atmosphere.

Michael Steiner, a board member at Porsche AG overseeing Research and Development, highlighted the dual benefits of DAC. “While it’s crucial to curtail emissions and extract CO2, we also require CO2 for various manufacturing processes. Our goal is to merge these needs. With Volkswagen Group Innovation and our trusted eFuels partner, HIF Global, we’re exploring the integration of a DAC pilot plant in Chile. We see DAC as a sustainable solution for extracting carbon molecules essential for many products.”

Earlier in the year, HIF Global revealed a partnership with Baker Hughes, aiming to expedite the commercial-scale deployment of their Mosaic DAC technology.