Ingevity rebrands adsorbed NGV business to NeuFuel
Photo courtesy of Ingevity

Ingevity rebrands adsorbed NGV business to NeuFuel

Ingevity Corporation, based in North Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.A., has rebranded its adsorbed natural gas vehicle business (ANG) to NeuFuel™ to better reflect the company’s ability to help fleets immediately and cost-effectively transition to a cleaner, carbon-neutral fuel, and meet market needs to expand benefits to the diesel market, including existing diesel vehicles.

Ingevity’s NeuFuel solution enables vehicles to run on carbon-neutral renewable natural gas (RNG) and provides a more environmentally friendly option for light-duty trucks and vans. Introducing NeuFuel as an option for diesel fleets positions the company to respond to increased demand for low-cost sustainability solutions for existing in-service diesel vehicles such as school buses and delivery trucks and vans.

“What makes Ingevity’s NeuFuel solution unique is that it provides diesel fleets a proven, cost-effective pathway to zero emissions— today—when using their existing diesel vehicles,” said Ed Woodcock, Ingevity executive vice president and president, Performance Materials. “The name, NeuFuel, distinguishes Ingevity’s solution as an RNG carbon neutral fuel source that helps fleets effectively and efficiently advance their sustainability goals.”

The expanded NeuFuel product line is designed to pair with American CNG’s DEMI Diesel Displacer™ to create a dual-fuel, bolt-on solution for existing diesel fleets. Ingevity’s new diesel fuel partner joins a growing number of U.S. natural gas utilities, municipalities, and commercial fleets investing in NeuFuel-equipped vehicles.