Lubrizol introduces PV1116 for fuel-efficient lubricants

The Lubrizol Corp., based in Wickliffe, Ohio, U.S.A., announced its new Lubrizol® PV1116 additive solution for oil marketers seeking to establish leadership with higher-performance, fuel-efficient lubricants. The proposed ILSAC GF-6 specification will include SAE 0W-16 viscosity, as part of the GF-6B category.

“Through its continued market engagement and dedicated product development, Lubrizol is able to identify market needs and offer oil marketers the chance to lead in the ULV space,” says Jon Vilardo, engine oils product manager.

“We are the first in the industry with this sort of technology, and it’s an important step toward the advanced, higher-performance lubricants that modern fuel efficient engines require.”

Lubrizol’s advanced chemistry delivers fuel economy benefits beyond ultra-low viscosity (ULV), the company said. Lubrizol PV1116 delivers:

  • Enhanced friction control
  • Uncompromising engine durability and catalyst protection through HyperZDP(TM) technology
  • Superior cleanliness and greater turbocharger protection
  • Compatibility with ethanol-blended fuels

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