Lubrizol launches portfolio of EALs, additives and components

Lubrizol launches portfolio of EALs, additives and components

Lubrizol has introduced its EcoAssurant™ portfolio which consists of finished fluids, additive packages and components for environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs).

The global additive manufacturer, which is based in Wickliffe, Ohio, U.S.A., said the EcoAssurant portfolio “will play a vital role in elevating the environmentally protective qualities of lubricants in industrial applications worldwide.”

The term environmentally acceptable lubricant is widely used in the lubricant industry to describe lubricants that have been demonstrated to meet regulatory standards for biodegradability, non-bioaccumulative potential and minimal toxicity to aquatic life compared to conventional lubricants. 

All products in Lubrizol’s EcoAssurant portfolio have been rigorously tested and certified by top regulatory bodies to meet these criteria, the company said.

“EcoAssurant represents a single-source solution for manufacturers to expand their customer base and grow their market share in hydraulics, industrial gear oil, metalworking and grease applications on a global scale,” said Craig Paterson, VP of Lubrizol Industrial Specialties. “Our customers are continually looking to us to help unlock possibilities at the molecular level to drive measurable results, and EcoAssurant products do exactly that.”

For finished fluid customers, the EcoAssurant portfolio eliminates the complexities and costs of formulating and blending, simplifying the ability of lubricant marketers to offer EAL solutions to the market. 

The breadth of the EcoAssurant portfolio enables manufacturers to expand their offerings of high-value products, helping manufacturers deepen existing customer relationships, gain greater share of market and enter into new markets, Lubrizol said in a statement.

“Because the entire portfolio is environmentally certified and performance validated, Lubrizol has already done the work to ensure its EAL solutions give our customers a competitive edge,” said Paterson. “Customers can bring their EAL offerings to market quickly and with confidence.”