Lubrizol's corrosion test for EVs wins prestigious award

Lubrizol’s corrosion test for EVs wins prestigious award

The Lubrizol Corporation has been honored with the SAE International Award for its pioneering development of a corrosion testing method specifically designed for electric vehicle (EV) motors. This method, crucial for evaluating copper corrosion in electrified powertrains, represents a significant stride in EV lubricant technology.

Developed by Lubrizol experts Gregory Hunt and Michael Gahagan, the award-winning test method began as a project in Lubrizol’s research labs and evolved through extensive research and practical testing over several years. It addresses a critical need within the industry to gauge the effectiveness of lubricants under actual application temperatures, particularly in environments where corrosion poses significant risks.

The SAE International Award, which celebrates outstanding research in mobility fuels and lubricants, was presented to the Lubrizol team in recognition of their innovative work and contribution to the mobility industry. This accolade is among several recognitions Lubrizol has received recently.

“SAE International’s recognition of this important development in corrosion testing is gratifying, as it illustrates the impact Lubrizol researchers have on the industry as a whole,” said Brenna Huovie, vice president of Additives Technology at Lubrizol. “The Wire Corrosion Test is a shining example of the way collaboration and ingenuity can take a scientific concept through to commercial application.”