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Unisun Assists Enterprises to Upgrade Energy Mix, Promoting Green Global Revolution

SHANGHAI and TOKYO, Sept. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Chinese photovoltaic (PV) companies are playing an increasingly significant role in the process of promoting the green environmental revolution.

Unisun Group is a key representative of Chinese PV enterprises. As one of the largest distributed PV investors in China and strategically invested by ENGIE, Unisun Group is an international energy giant. Projects invested by Unisun Group can be found in about 50 cities nationwide, as well as in Japan, India, Australia, the Netherlands, Vietnam and dozens of countries and regions.

Under pressure from the current energy mix and its effect on the environment, energy transformation and upgrading the global energy mix is becoming increasingly urgent.

Under these demanding conditions, the cooperative project between Unisun and Wahaha Group is regarded as a benchmark for enterprises to take an initiative in energy transformation.

Many large enterprises and public institutions in China and abroad, including Uni-president Group and Wangbang Logistics Park, choose to establish strategic partner relationships with Unisun to provide clean energy. These cooperation have resulted in over 200MW of interconnected projects in the first half of 2017.

Ms. Yisha He, chairman of Unisun Group, said in an interview that "enterprises' initiative to upgrade their energy supply will bring a positive impact to society."

"We are continuing to take steps forward in the face of the dual challenges of environmental protection and energy usage," Ms. He said in an interview. This idea was deeply embedded in her mind after she finished her studies in the UK, and her goal is to provide reliable energy supply for mankind and allow more people enjoy the benefits of clean energy. Today, she is spearheading Unisun Group as not only a promoter for green energy revolution in China, but also an active participant in the global energy revolution.

Unisun is one of the earliest Chinese PV enterprises to enter the Japanese PV market, with the Tokyo subsidiary being established in early 2013. By 2014, Unisun has developed over 60MW of projects, with an additional 200MW of project reserves.

On March 17 this year, the 15MW PV power plant in Okazaki, Fukushima-Ken, Japan was officially connected to the grid.

According to Ms. Yisha He, "the challenge of the environment and energy to mankind is not region specific, and our aim is to contribute to the improvement of environment globally."