Perstorp launches sustainable alternatives for synthetic polyol esters
Photo courtesy of Perstorp

Perstorp launches sustainable alternatives for synthetic polyol esters

Perstorp, a pioneer in specialty chemicals, has unveiled new carboxylic acid grades with a 100% renewable, traceable mass balanced content, boasting the industry’s lowest product carbon footprint. 

The introduction of Valeric Acid Pro 100 and 2-Ethylhexanoic Acid Pro 100 underscores Perstorp’s commitment to reducing reliance on virgin fossil raw materials, aligning with their Finite Material Neutralโ„ข vision.

These products, when accounting for the biogenic CO2 uptake during the growth of renewable raw materials, present a negative carbon footprint from raw material sourcing to the Perstorp production site. Designed using a traceable mass balance approach, these products support sustainable sourcing, reducing carbon footprints across the supply chain.

Both Valeric Acid Pro 100 and 2-EHA Pro 100 have earned ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification), ensuring they meet rigorous sustainability standards. This certification covers the products, mass balance methodology, and product carbon footprint (PCF) calculations, with both products showcasing a negative cradle-to-gate product carbon footprint (PCF) value.

Complementing Perstorpโ€™s Pro-Environment Polyols range, the introduction of these new products solidifies Perstorp’s position as a leader in sustainable solutions. Dr. Valentina Serra Holm, vice president of engineered fluids at Perstorp, remarked, “The synthetic lubricant sector inherently promotes sustainability. With these new offerings, we can provide more eco-friendly building blocks for polyol esters.”

Elisa Swanson-Parbรคck, global marketing director for Sustainable Lubricants at Perstorp, emphasised the importance of mass balance. “It ensures traceability, efficiency, and sustainability across sectors,” she said. “This approach allows our partners to make informed decisions and confirms our commitment to a transparent transition to renewable materials.”

The Traceable Mass Balance method applies chemical and physical traceability principles, marking a significant move towards sustainability in the synthetic lubricants industry.

Perstorp’s launch of Valeric Acid Pro 100 and 2-EHA Pro 100 signifies another step in their journey towards championing the use of renewable and recycled raw materials. It highlights a proactive approach to phasing out virgin fossil raw materials in various applications, including synthetic oil for aviation and automotive lubricants.