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F+L Webcast - Ali Erdemir

Episode 32: Conversation with Dr. Ali Erdemir on Frontiers Research on EV Tribology

Researchers are looking to create new lubricants and fluids for electric vehicles (EVs) that consider issues such as materials compatibility, electrical conductivity, and thermal management. Lithium batteries are currently the most efficient, and companies are working to create more effective additives and coatings to increase wear resistance and reduce weight. There is a focus on recycling and reusing lithium batteries in order to reduce environmental impact and create a circular economy.

Dr. Ali Erdemir, professor of Mechanical Engineering and Halliburton Chair in Engineering at Texas A&M University, discussed the development of electric vehicle lubricants that have high thermal conductivity, electrical breakdown resistance, and lubricating properties, while also minimising the carbon footprint. He noted that lithium batteries are currently the most efficient and available, but research is being done to find other more efficient and available batteries. Dr. Erdemir also discussed the importance of recycling and reusing lithium, as the increasing population and demands for electric vehicles could lead to a shortage of lithium.

Prior to joining Texas A&M, Dr. Erdemir worked at Argonne National Laboratory. In recognition of his research accomplishments, Dr. Erdemir has received numerous coveted awards and has been elected to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, European Academy of Sciences and Arts, World Academy of Ceramics, The Science Academy of Turkey, and the presidency of the International Tribology Council and the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE). He is also a Fellow of NAI, AAAS, ASME, STLE, AVS, and ASM-International. 

Dr. Erdemir has authored and co-authored more than 300 research articles and 18 book/handbook chapters, co-edited four books, presented more than 200 invited/keynote/plenary talks, and holds 34 U.S. patents. His current research focuses on bridging scientific principles with engineering innovations towards the development of new materials, coatings, and lubricants for a broad range of cross-cutting applications in manufacturing, transportation and other energy conversion and utilisation systems. 

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