August 14, 2020

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Shell launches Shell V-Power fuel in Pakistan
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Photo courtesy of Shell.

Shell has introduced its new Shell V-Power fuel with Dynaflex Technology in Pakistan.

Shell V-Power fuel is a new, innovative premium fuel formulation, designed with Dynaflex Technology with five times the molecules that reduce engine dirt and friction.

The formulation targets a key enemy of engine performance and efficiency – dirt deposits and helps to clean them away as you drive. It also has a new friction reducing agent, designed to help key engine components turn more freely.

“We are committed to continuously improve the customer value proposition and bring the Pakistani fuel market at par with global markets. With this launch, we are very excited to offer our new Shell V-Power designed to provide greater engine efficiency with even better performance,” said Haroon Rashid, managing director and chief executive officer of Shell Pakistan Limited.

“Customers are at the heart of everything that we do and Shell V-Power is a premium fuel for every car as it cleans the older engines and maintains the new ones with equal effectiveness.”

Mae Ascan, Shell fuel scientist, was also present at the launch and demonstrated the active cleaning agents present in the new Shell V-Power fuel and how they perform on the inlet valves inside the combustion chamber of the engine and cleans deposits as you drive.

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