Sing Fuels launches lubricants business unit

Sing Fuels launches lubricants business unit

Sing Fuels Pte. Ltd., a global trading company based in Singapore, announced the launch of its lubricants business unit, Sing Lubes. Sing Lubes expands Sing Fuels’ leadership by building on its petroleum products capabilities in the marine fuels industry.

Founded in 2012, Operating in more than 350 ports across the world, Sing Fuels has built a vast network of customers and suppliers in all parts of the world.

“The lubricants line is a natural extension of our product capabilities. The emerging geographies have typically been underserved by the bigger names, and with the depth of our support in these markets coupled with sustainable innovation in products, the lubricants market is ripe for some new ideas and execution,” said Vikash Dhanuka, CEO of Sing Fuels.

Sing Lubes’ offering includes more than 300 grades of lubricants for automotive, industrial and marine uses. Initially, the company will target the automotive lubricants and industrial lubricants segments, primarily in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

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