SK Lubricants to sell premium carbon-neutral lubricants online
Photo courtesy of SK Lubricants

SK Lubricants to sell premium carbon-neutral lubricants online

SK Lubricants will start selling carbon-neutral lubricants online to balance out carbon emissions from the entire product process, including production, transportation, consumption, and disposal, in October. These products include three types of premium low-viscosity engine oils, including ZIC X9 ZERO 0W-30, ZIC X9 LS ZERO 0W-20 and ZIC X9 ZERO 0W-16.

The amount of greenhouse gas generated during the entire production process of these products is offset by purchasing the same amount of carbon credits issued from greenhouse gas absorption and reduction projects such as afforestation projects. 

Currently, a realistic way to reduce carbon emissions is to purchase carbon credits in order to offset emissions. This is because no technology is currently available to completely eliminate carbon emissions in the manufacturing processes, and it is difficult to replace fuels and raw materials with renewable energy and naturally-derived raw materials in a short period of time. For these reasons, SK Lubricants first secured natural-based, high-quality carbon credits certified by Verra, a voluntary carbon credit certification agency with high international credibility.

These credits were obtained from the Guanaré Reforestation Project (VCS-959) in Uruguay, which is to plant trees on pastures in the Guanaré region. The project is expected to absorb a total of 7.8 million tons of greenhouse gases, and will include activities such as biodiversity conservation, local job creation and soil improvement.

SK Lubricants plans to sell these so-called “carbon offset” lubricants online to the general consumers. By using these carbon-neutral lubricants, consumers can save their fuel costs and participate in carbon reduction activities at the same time. In particular, online sales are expected to facilitate consumer access to products. SK Lubricants will disclose the entire process of compensating for greenhouse gas emissions and the source of carbon credits on the SK ZIC website, helping consumers to understand more about the value of purchasing carbon offset lubricants.