Valvoline introduces revolutionary "Restore & Protect" motor oil
Photo courtesy of Valvoline

Valvoline introduces revolutionary “Restore & Protect” motor oil

Valvoline Global, a leader in automotive and industrial solutions, has announced the global launch of “Restore & Protect,” a premium full synthetic motor oil. This product represents a significant leap in motor oil technology, capable of removing up to 100% of engine-killing deposits with continuous use, and ensuring engines run as efficiently as when they were new, while also safeguarding against future damage.

“Restore & Protect” challenges conventional motor oil paradigms by offering enhanced performance and protection. Valvoline’s history, rooted in trust and innovation over 150 years, positions the company as a pioneer in automotive lubricants. Jamal Muashsher, president and CEO of Valvoline Global, expressed excitement about the global introduction of “Restore & Protect,” stating, “This product redefines motor oil capabilities and has a significant positive impact on consumers and customers. It demonstrates our dedication to innovating in the automotive industry.”

Designed for all gasoline engines

Suitable for all gasoline-engine automobiles, from the latest models to high-mileage vehicles, “Restore & Protect” is the result of three years of intensive development. It stands as Valvoline’s most technologically advanced engine oil to date.

The product incorporates two of Valvoline’s proprietary technologies: “Active Clean,” which removes deposits and restores engine performance, and “Liqui-Shield,” which proactively prevents deposit formation and shields against future damage. 

Set to be available globally in 2024, “Restore & Protect” will be accessible to do-it-yourself customers and through Valvoline business partners, including quick lube, dealership, auto service/tire shops, and others. Detailed information about the product’s technology and availability can be found online.

About Valvoline Global Operations

Established in 1866, Valvoline Global is a global leader in automotive and industrial solutions. The company has a storied history of innovation, including introducing the world’s first branded motor oil. With a presence in more than140 countries, Valvoline Global offers solutions for every engine and drivetrain, including electric, hybrid, and internal combustion powertrains. The company remains committed to addressing global automotive and industrial challenges as it continues to evolve.