ADNOC Distribution opens initial two service stations in Saudi Arabia
Photo courtesy of ADNOC

ADNOC Distribution opens initial two service stations in Saudi Arabia

ADNOC Distribution has announced the opening of its initial two service stations in Saudi Arabia, as part of its international expansion.

“These initial two stations are significant in that they will enable us to interact directly with Saudi customers and, where necessary, tailor our services for this important market as we continue to look at options for growth,” said ADNOC Distribution acting CEO Saeed Al Rashdi.

“We strongly believe that our brand and service ethic have a place within the Saudi Arabian fuel and convenience retailing sector, and hope that our entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will further strengthen the commercial and cultural ties that connect our two countries.”

ADNOC Distribution, the UAE’s largest fuel and convenience retailer, received a license to own, operate and manage fuel service stations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in April 2018.

ADNOC Distribution had committed to opening at least one service station in Saudi Arabia in 2018, as part of its growth strategy, which is focused on expanding the choice for fuel customers, improving its convenience store offering and being more efficient with costs.

The company, which raised USD851 million in a 10% listing last December, said the two stations located along the Riyadh-Dammam highway and in the city of Hofuf in Al Ahsa Governorate opened last week after undergoing rebranding and renovations.