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Singapore-based ALMU announces appointment of new vice chairman

Singapore-based ALMU announces appointment of new vice chairman
Chia Uen-Li, the new vice chairman of the Singapore-based trade association for ALMU

The Asian Lubricant Manufacturers Union (ALMU) announced the appointment of Chia Uen-Li, Global Operations General Manager at Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd, as the new vice chairman of the Singapore-based trade association. Chia assumes the role vacated by Eugene Tan Chern Fung, formerly Regional Director, Asia & Pacific at BP Singapore Pte Ltd, who retired from BP in March 2019.

Chia, who is based in Singapore, will join Winston Low Hee Teck, Managing Director, Feoso Energy (Shanghai), and Gautam N. Mehra, Chairman & Managing Director, Savita Oil Technologies Limited, with shared responsibility for the important committee position of vice chairman.

“I warmly welcome Ms Chia Uen-Li of Shell being selected to Vice Chair,” says Dr Ho Leng Woon, ALMU Council Chairman, and Chairman of AP Oil International Limited. ”Representatives from oil majors and national oil companies in our Council will strengthen ALMU as the voice of the industry,” he says.

Chia joined Shell in 2002 and has worked across a variety of functions within the Fuels and Lubricants businesses including Operations, Pricing, Sales, Strategy, M&A, Procurement and Supply Chain. Notably, she is responsible for digitalising the backbone of Shell’s lubricants business and preparing for the Industry 4.0 challenge – by incubating agile, self-managed team structures within the corporate environment. Preparing for the impending digital transformation of the lubricants industry is a key challenge identified by ALMU members and was a central focus of the recently completed ALMU Annual Meeting & Global Leadership Summit in Singapore.

Talent development within Shell, and externally, is a focus of Chia. She has been involved in numerous Shell learning programs, including the Mid-Level Leadership Program, Coaching for Performance, Women’s Career Development Program and Senior Women’s Connect. She also pioneered the Asian Talent Acceleration Program in Royal Dutch Shell, which aims to unleash Asian leadership potential.

At the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, she earned an M.A. (Honors) in Natural Sciences and she holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management, U.S.A. Previously, Chia worked for the Singapore Economic Development Board, and Bain & Company both in Boston, Massachusetts and in Singapore prior to joining Shell.

For full details on the current ALMU Council please visit https://www.asianlubricantmanufacturers.org/almu-council