Chevron (Thailand) to reach out to younger customer base

Chevron (Thailand) Limited, which has 370 Caltex-branded service stations, plans to expand its presence in strategic areas such as highways and key provinces, expand its cooperation with retail partners and reach out to a younger customer base. In 2015, Chevron (Thailand) opened 23 new service stations.

Salman Saadat, country chairman and general manager for products, told The Nation that Chevron (Thailand) has re-imaged nearly 200 existing stations with better lighting and an enhanced forecourt area.

“The focus for 2016 is to provide motorists with a one-stop exceptional experience each time they visit our stations,” he said. “We aim to cater to the demand of motorists with a wider range of services such as convenience stores, food courts, coffee shops and eateries, car washes, auto fast fit, ATM, etc.”

He said Chevron (Thailand) is working on developing new partnerships to create an impressive experience for motorists visiting Caltex stations. Chevron (Thailand) is targeting two to three new popular branded retail partners to come on board this year, he said.

Chevron (Thailand) Limited’s other goal for 2016 is to reach more customers from younger generations, using a digital marketing strategy.

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