Cummins to begin electrified powertrain delivery in 2019

Cummins will begin electrified powertrain delivery in 2019, including battery electric and plugin hybrids, the company announced.

“As a global power leader for the commercial and industrial markets we serve, we are better positioned than any other company to win in new and emerging technologies,” said Tom Linebarger, Cummins chairman and CEO. “We are prepared to provide a range of power technologies to our customers from diesel and natural gas to fully electric and hybrid powertrains to ensure they always have the best solution for their application,” he said.

Earlier this year, Cummins enhanced its efforts to commercialise its electrification capabilities, bringing together Cummins knowledge and significant experience in the electrified powertrain space.

In addition, the company is exploring potentially partnering with others to ensure development of leading technology in energy storage, power electronics, traction motor systems and component control for commercial applications, the company said.

Julie Furber, executive director of Cummins’ electrification business, added the company will leverage its knowledge and capability to offer entirely new powertrain solutions in the future for commercial and industrial markets.

The initiative will begin next year with the introduction of a fully electric “transit powertrain,” closely followed by an extended-range electric vehicle in 2020.

According to Furber, city buses would likely be the first vehicles to have the new technology, but industrial and commercial uses are reportedly high on the agenda, too.

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