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Deinove partners with Toulouse White Biotechnology to optimize deinococcus production

Deinove, a biotech company developing innovative processes for producing biofuels and bio-based chemicals by using Deinococcus bacteria as host strains, announced a technology collaboration with Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB), a pre-industrial demonstrator in industrial biotechnology based on renewable carbon.

The project, conducted in collaboration with the MetaToul* platform (INSA-LISBP Toulouse and MetaboHUB national infrastructure) headed by Prof. Jean-Charles Portais, aims to map the metabolic fluxes of the Deinococcus chassis, i.e. to create an inventory of all the potentialities of the microorganism in the production of molecules of interest.

This mapping, both quantitative and qualitative, will serve as reference to identify and optimise all the metabolic pathways of the Deinococcus model to rapidly reach the target yield and productivity of industrial processes developed by Deinove. Deinove bases its development on cutting edge technological platforms and this project aims to further streamline its metabolic engineering projects and accelerate the industrial programs underway.

“This partnership will reinforce the unique expertise that we have built around Deinococcus. We will benefit from the excellence of TWB to increase the performance of our strain with a clear goal: moving towards the overproduction of a given compound. Our bacterium has major advantages as a bioindustrial chassis and our goal is to further enhance its fermentation performance to achieve commercial production processes as quickly as possible. This collaboration will make a major contribution,” said Emmanuel PETIOT, CEO of Deinove.