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Dow and Johnson Matthey technology selected for new butanol facility in China

Dow and Johnson Matthey technology selected for new butanol facility in China
Photo courtesy of Johnson Matthey

Dow and Johnson Matthey (JM) announced that China-based company, Guangxi Huayi New Material Company Ltd. (Huayi), has selected LP OxoSM SELECTORTM 10 Technology to produce butanol at a new manufacturing facility. Under this license, the plant will be built at Huayi’s integrated petrochemical complex in Qinzhou Port, P.R. China with an annual butanol capacity of 300,000 metric tonnes per annum. 

LP OxoSM SELECTORTM 10 Technology, licensed through Dow and JM, enables the efficient production of butanol with low capital investment and operating cost. Dow and JM provide its licensees customised plant designs, performance warranties, technical support pre- and post-plant start-up, ongoing technology updates, and more. 

To date, the suite of LP OxoSM Technology has been licensed into a significant number of projects across 15 countries, representing a majority of the world’s oxo alcohols capacity licensed over the past 45 years. 

“Our Licensing & Catalyst technologies continue to be an important platform for Dow’s long-term growth,” said Donna Babcock, business director for Performance Intermediates, a business segment of Dow Industrial Solutions. “We are honored Huayi has chosen to license our LP OxoSM SELECTOR™ 10 Technology for their new butanol production facility in China. Together with Johnson Matthey, we will help position Huayi to grow with customers serving a range of downstream applications, from paint and coatings to adhesives and sealants.” 

“The new facility will represent our 55th license of LP OxoSM Technology in partnership with Dow,” said John Gordon, managing director at Johnson Matthey. “Our technology with advanced engineering design and services have generated value for licensees for over 45 years, and we are eager to work hand-in-hand with Huayi from start-up to ongoing operations to keep delivering that value.”

“We selected LP OxoSM Technology for our new facility, because we recognise the added benefit of working with long standing leaders in oxo alcohol technology, Dow and Johnson Matthey,” said Zhigang Qian, general manager of Guangxi Huayi New Material Company Ltd. “We will be able to take advantage of production efficiency gains, ongoing technical support, and other valuable benefits through this license.”