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Middle East Retail & Downstream Conference (MRDC 2017)

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The FIRST Middle East Retail & Downstream Conference (MRDC 2017) will bring together industry executives and specialists to examine emerging market and pricing trends, post liberalization, in the retail & downstream sector. Transformed by technology, digitalization and the movement towards alternative fuels, this two-day event is the first of its kind in the region, with a dual focus on the evolution of retail design, facilities and services, advances in RFID technology, payment systems and the advent and role of non-fuel activities in the business model.

A distinguished faculty from GCC will address the retail and downstream marketing in the post price liberalization era. Leading industry players and experts from Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe will also look at the entire retail fuel industry supply chain challenges and opportunities.  They will provide topic coverage ranging from internationalization of fuel retail, product supply, technology for payment systems, alternative fuels, and evolution of retail facilities.

This conference is expected to be attended by regional operators, retailers and distributors from National & International Oil Companies, municipal corporations, operators of equipment, technology and point of service providers as well high volume franchise owners/operators. It should be of interest to supporting organisations specialising in the downstream retail and transportation and as well as those specialising in payment systems, fleet cards and customer loyalty programmes.