Lubrizol launches Educational website will serve as resource for metal forming and stamping industry

2 May 2011 – CLEVELAND – The Lubrizol Corporation (NYSE:LZ) today announces the launch of, a new website that provides comprehensive information on forming basics, trends and metal forming industry challenges. Lubrizol created to serve as a gathering place for the metal forming and stamping community. With a strong focus on improving productivity, the site includes current information about metalworking technology and fluid implications, as well as updates on environmental regulations, worker health and safety and best practices.

“There’s a lot of great engineering and chemistry happening in the metal forming and stamping industry that is not widely understood. Its time for the industry to have a place to pull it all together and put it to work”, points out Joe Purnhagen, global commercial manager of metal processing additives. is a place for that to happen. The site can help formulators and fabricators optimize forming fluids for increased productivity in many areas.

“The metal stamping and forming industry is facing tough challenges: regulation-driven changes to customer requirements, new difficult-to-form metals, global competition, safety concerns and technical advances,” Purnhagen says. “To stay on top, fabricators need to be more informed and more efficient than ever. is the place to find answers and discuss challenges in production, quality, engineering and lubrication, and ultimately, to help you stay competitive.”

Visitors to the site,, can register for news alerts, post questions, benchmark against industry polls, share insights, and suggest articles.

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