PANOLIN AG announces name change to LAEMMLE Chemicals AG
Photo courtesy of PANOLIN AG

PANOLIN AG announces name change to LAEMMLE Chemicals AG

Following the sale of PANOLIN Group’s Environmentally Considerate Lubricants (ECLs) business to Shell last November 2022, PANOLIN AG announced that it will be known as LAEMMLE Chemicals AG.

Swiss-based PANOLIN AG submitted the name change to the commercial register on December 15, 2022 and expects the name change to occur in January 2023.

The PANOLIN Group is an international lubricants business and is a pioneer in industrial ECL for more than 35 years. The independent Swiss company has been owned and managed by the Lämmle family since 1949.

In November 2022, PANOLIN transferred the “Bio-Lubricants” division with the trademark rights to Shell. Shell also took over the international sales structure. With “Shell PANOLIN”, PANOLIN becomes a global brand for bio-lubricants. As a unit within Shell, PANOLIN Distribution AG is responsible for the global organic business. 

The sales transaction with Shell included the PANOLIN brand, ECL product formulations, intellectual property, technical expertise and technology, international customer base and portfolio of products – for hydraulics, gears, universal tractor transmission oils, biodegradable engine oils (HDEO), turbine oils, chainsaw oils and greases for machine lubrication, including leading OEM-approved products.

The company based in Madetswil, including production and laboratories, will remain with the Lämmle family. Sarah Mohr-Lämmle and Silvan Lämmle will continue to run the business as owners. Christian Lämmle will continue to serve as chairman.

The remaining business will produce and sell mineral and synthetic motor oils, gear and hydraulic oils, food-grade lubricants, cooling lubricants, lubricating greases and sprays etc., as well as the entire product range of FRIPOO Produkte AG with the brands “polyston”, “FIESTA” and “allerno”.