Toyota halts vehicle shipment over certification testing issues
Photo courtesy of Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota halts vehicle shipment over certification testing issues

Toyota Motor Corporation has decided to temporarily pause shipments of certain vehicles equipped with diesel engines made by group supplier Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO).

The stoppage comes after TICO reported discovering irregularities related to horsepower output testing done to certify three diesel engine models it produces for Toyota autos.

During the certification testing, results were manipulated to show power and performance measures that aligned better with production versions of the engines.

Toyota says about 10 vehicle models with the engines are affected globally, but that re-verification confirms the engines still ultimately meet specifications when running in real-world use.

However, both companies agreed to a shipment hold amid the serious breach of process until details can be explained to authorities. Potential additional compliance testing may also be needed.

"We recognize the gravity of repeated certification issues…shaking the foundations of our business," said TICO, which aims to eventually regain trust.

Toyota, which commissioned the engines, takes responsibility for inadequate oversight but will provide support as TICO works to revamp culture and procedures.