FUCHS acquires Canadian chemicals process management company
Photo courtesy of ZIMMARK

FUCHS acquires Canadian chemicals process management company

The FUCHS Group, which operates globally in the lubricants sector, is acquiring the business of ZIMMARK INC. The Burlington, Ontario, Canada-based company is a service company offering value-added services in the lubricants and Chemicals Process Management (CPM) space.

With this acquisition, the FUCHS Group expands its service portfolio in the industrial lubricant market and will deploy its processes where applicable throughout its other global divisions. The business will operate as a separate Chemicals Process Management (CPM) Division of FUCHS’ North American industrial business.

“Today’s larger sophisticated customers are looking for an integrated partnership with their lubricant supplier inclusive of a service offering complimenting a fluid solution to their challenges. FUCHS offers many Chemicals Process Management (CPM) programs throughout Europe and China. We will use ZIMMARK’s Technical Process Management (Z-TPM), focusing on rigorous control plans, as a nucleus to grow the service component of the business in the United States,” says Keith Brewer, president & CEO of FUCHS LUBRICANTS CO., USA. “The acquisition, and especially the ZIMMARK team, will significantly enlarge our service offering the capability to existing business along with offering value-added services to new customers using FUCHS’ marketplace presence.”

The transaction is effective on 1 November 2019.

ZIMMARK employs 60 people and generated EUR4 million (USD4.4 million) in sales in its fiscal year 2018, all of that in North America.

In 2018 the FUCHS Group accounted for EUR 2,567 million (USD2,864 million) sales with a staff of 5,446. FUCHS LUBRICANTS CO., USA made EUR284 million (USD316 million) sales with 420 employees.

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