Lubrizol launches Lubrizol CV9660 for heavy-duty lubricants
Photo courtesy of Lubrizol

Lubrizol launches Lubrizol CV9660 for heavy-duty lubricants

Lubrizol, a global leader in additive technology for the transportation industry, has announced the launch of Lubrizol® CV9660, a new low-SAPS (sulphated ash, phosphorus, and sulfur) heavy-duty lubricant technology. This innovative product is designed to meet higher performance standards while offering a simplified solution for multiple viscosity profiles.

Formulated to address the growing demand for ACEA E8 lubricants in the European market, Lubrizol® CV9660 demonstrates Lubrizol’s deep understanding of market needs and commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions. The new product utilises the high-performance polymer Lubrizol® 7077, which allows it to cover multiple viscosity grades in the heavy-duty sector, enhancing efficiency and providing added value to customers.

Simplified solution for complex challenges

“Low-SAPS heavy-duty lubricants pose a challenge to our customers,” said Alex Brewster, heavy-duty product manager for Europe. “Viscosity grades, base oils, and additive packages all create complexity within the oil marketers’ operations and product range itself. In addressing this challenge, we are pleased to have developed a solution with exponential benefits.”

Lubrizol® CV9660 joins a suite of products supporting the diverse needs of the heavy-duty market, bolstering Lubrizol’s reputation as a total solutions provider in the industry.