Mobil Lubricants launches Service Booking Module

Mobil Lubricants has launched Service Booking Module (SBM) as a breakthrough innovation that provides an online-to-offline service which enables consumers to purchase Mobil™ lubricants and schedule oil changes via online channel through a strategic partnership with Lazada Indonesia. “We are committed to continuously providing exceptional products and services to fulfill consumers’ needs, thus improving their mobility in performing daily activities,” said Osman Durrani, president director of Mobil™ Lubricants Indonesia. “With that, we understand that Indonesians need seamless, efficient and high-quality vehicle maintenance services such as oil changes. Therefore, we have introduced the Service Booking Module (SBM) program as a solution for a hassle-free oil change process, combining products and services purchase through online channel,” he added. The launch of SBM is part of Mobil Lubricants’ commitment to gain a deeper understanding of consumers’ needs and provide innovative solutions to fulfill them. Furthermore, Mobil™  Lubricants is the first brand that has partnered with Lazada to launch this innovative online-to-offline oil changing service. “We are very happy to be part of this collaboration with Mobil™ Lubricants, to add more highly relevant products to our large automotive category with over 1 million products already available in Lazada,” said Duri Granziol, co-CEO of Lazada Indonesia. “Continuous innovation to exceed our consumers’ expectations is a value that both Lazada and Mobil™ Lubricants share. This collaboration is also part of our commitment to keep expanding our high-quality products assortment and services from our brand partner for our consumers throughout the nation,” he added. To enjoy a hassle-free oil change service, consumers’ journeys will begin by visiting MobilTM Official Store in Lazada where they can choose the product and oil change service package that best suits their needs. The SBM packages are available at competitive prices. After completing the payment process, customer service will contact consumers to confirm the service schedule in the selected workshop. Through SBM, consumers can thus experience a seamless oil changing process without spending time in a queue, enabling them to perform more daily activities with ease, supported by a safe and well-maintained vehicle. “Through collaboration with partner workshops that have been verified for their service quality, Mobil Lubricants is committed to not only providing advanced lubricant products but also innovative services to fulfill consumers’ needs,” Michael Li, marketing director of Mobil™ Lubricants Indonesia.

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