BLUETTI Launches Glamping Ready Campaign for Fall

Campers can have access to a reliable solar power system

SYDNEY, Sept. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The upcoming autumn offers a great opportunity to celebrate the harvest and plan a camping trip to enjoy the pristine surroundings and feel the seasonal changes. BLUETTI's Glamping Ready campaign is making this possible from Sept. 16-30.

Glamping Ready
Glamping Ready

EB150 + 2*PV200

EB150 is widely used as a backup power supply.

Featuring a 1,000W pure sine wave inverter and 1,500Wh battery capacity, it is capable of powering most appliances for a long time. The built-in MPPT controller also supports up to 500W solar input.

B230 + P090D Cable

As an expansion battery pack with 2,048Wh capacity, B230 is widely compatible with BLUETTI AC200MAX, AC200P, EB150, and EP500Pro. It can be used as a standalone power source since multiple outputs are built for versatile charging, including 1*18W USB-A QC3.0, 1*100W PD3.0 USB-C, and 1*12V/10A Cigarette Lighter.

The B230 from BLUETTI comes with a free P090D, which is required while connecting B230 with power stations, during the campaign.

EB55 + PV120/PV200

A huge capacity does not necessarily correlate with a bulky size. EB55 features a 537Wh capacity and a 700W AC inverter, making it as portable as it is powerful. It supports up to 400W (AC+PV) charging rate, which means charging it from 0 to 80% only takes about 1.5Hrs.


With over 10 years of industry experience, BLUETTI has tried to stay true to a sustainable future through green energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use while delivering an exceptional eco-friendly experience for everyone and the world. BLUETTI is making its presence in 70+ countries and is trusted by millions of customers across the globe. For more information, please visit BLUETTI online at .

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