Puma Energy Joins World Economic Forum

JOHANNESBURG, March 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Puma Energy, the globally integrated midstream and downstream energy company, is proud to announce it has joined the World Economic Forum as a regional partner.

Puma Energy, the fastest growing independent fuel distribution company in Africa, will attend the 26th World Economic Forum on Africa meeting in Kigali, Rwanda in May 2016, and take its place among the leading regional and global companies participating on this platform.

Under the theme 'Connecting Africa's Resources through Digital Transformation', the meeting will convene regional and global leaders from business, government and civil society to discuss digital economy catalysts that can drive radical structural transformation, strengthen public-private collaboration on key global and regional challenges, and agree on strategic actions that can deliver shared prosperity across the continent.

Puma Energy's CEO Pierre Eladari said, "Puma Energy is delighted to be joining the Forum. We are committed to improving infrastructure and security of supply in the countries we service. We look forward to participating in the Forum's focus debates on 'Africa Skills' as well as its platform on 'Africa's Strategic Infrastructure Initiative'."

Following Puma Energy's recently announced expansion into the South African market, the Group is now present in 19 countries from Senegal to South Africa and continues to expand its footprint from West to East.

Puma Energy has invested close to US$2 billion in Africa and last year alone added 350 million m3 of storage capacity to the 726 million m3 it already had in the region. The Group has a network of over 650 retail sites and storage capacity of over 1.2million m3 on the continent.