NYCO, Air France to develop new sustainable aviation lubricants
Photo courtesy of Air France

NYCO, Air France to develop new sustainable aviation lubricants

NYCO has signed a strategic agreement with Air France to cooperate on  engine oil field service evaluation and on the development of new sustainable aviation lubricants. 

Air France has been using the TURBONYCOIL® 600 since 2017 on various aircraft types,  namely the Airbus A320 family, the Boeing 777 family and now the Airbus A220. Air France is supporting NYCO with the qualification of the TURBONYCOIL® 600 on long-range aircraft. The airline started with the qualification of the GE-90 (B777 fleet) and is now  supporting the CF6-80 (A330 fleet) qualification. 

Through this partnership, NYCO confirms that its ambition is now focused on the potential  benefits of those new innovative and sustainable technologies in collaboration with major OEMs, including aircraft and engine manufacturers. 

“This partnership agreement makes years of collaboration between NYCO & Air France a  reality,” said Pedro Dasi – NYCO’s head of Civil Aviation. “It started in 2014 with NYCO  supporting Air France via a general-purpose grease rationalization and continued with in service evaluations of TURBONYCOIL® 600 on different Air France aircraft. We are proud of  this mutual trust and glad to work alongside Air France on the development of new  sustainable aircrafts lubricants for our industry.”  

“Successful service evaluations of NYCO products by Air France have shown that NYCO can  compete with the best in the industry,” said Didier Verte – VP Engine Fleet and Engineering“We look forward to working with NYCO to develop sustainable products complying with  Air France’s health and safety objectives by providing the experience and requirements of  an operator.”