Castrol launches sustainable lubricants program with Safety-Kleen
Photo courtesy of Castrol

Castrol launches sustainable lubricants program with Safety-Kleen

Castrol®, a global leader in lubricant technology, has partnered with Safety-Kleen, a subsidiary of Clean Harbors Inc., to introduce ‘Castrol MoreCircular’ in the United States. This groundbreaking initiative aims to promote sustainability in the lubricants industry by reducing the carbon footprint of lubricants through an innovative circular process.

The ‘Castrol MoreCircular’ program, set to officially launch on May 20, 2024, at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A., involves the collection of used oil from business customers, re-refining it, and integrating the re-refined base oil into premium lubricants for distribution. This process not only reduces waste but also significantly lowers the carbon footprint of the lubricants.

Andreas Osbar, CEO of Castrol Americas, emphasised the program’s alignment with Castrol’s PATH360 sustainability strategy, which focuses on embracing circularity. “Our ability to collect used oil from across the country and reprocess it means that much of it can be used again and again, delivering lower-carbon-footprint lubricants to help our business customers meet their sustainability goals,” said Osbar.

The collaboration with Safety-Kleen leverages its extensive network as North America’s largest collector of used oil, with more than 200 branch locations. “Safety-Kleen is proud to partner with Castrol to bring increased circularity to the United States lubricants industry,” said Brian Weber, president of Safety-Kleen Sustainability Solutions.

The ‘MoreCircular’ lubricants, containing at least 65% re-refined base oil, are estimated to have a 20-40% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional formulation. This initiative addresses the gap in the U.S., where only about 20% of the more than one billion gallons of used oil generated annually are currently re-refined back to base oils.

Castrol’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond ‘MoreCircular,’ as the company continues to focus on its PATH360 strategy, aiming to save waste, reduce carbon, and improve lives by 2030.

For more information on the ‘Castrol MoreCircular’ program, visit Castrol’s website.