Nynas celebrates 30 years in Germany

In 1985, Nynas GmbH became Nynas’ first company outside of Sweden, and quickly established itself in the German market. Today, 30 years later, Nynas GmbH is the company’s biggest single sales channel, accounting for around 10% of global sales in terms of volume.

“Our success is a result of the time and resources we have invested in the German market and building relationships with our customers,” says Ingo Nösler, area general manager, Europe Central. “We have native German-speaking people in place to offer personalised service, and on top of this we have invested in a base oil refinery in Hamburg, in order to secure our long-term supply.”

Nösler said the company has benefited from Nynas’ global distribution and supply network, as well as its reputation.

“Nynas is a global company with two European refineries and many years of experience in naphthenic oils. We operate all over the world so we can support our local customers wherever they operate.”

Nynas GmbH also prides itself on being able to proactively respond to changing industry requirements, such as declining Group I production, by offering solutions to customers’ future needs. The company recently started marketing a new base oil product portfolio – Nybase – as a replacement for Group I base oils.