OQ Chemicals expanding production capacity for carboxylic acids
Photo courtesy of OQ Chemicals

OQ Chemicals expanding production capacity for carboxylic acids

OQ Chemicals is expanding its production capacity for carboxylic acids. The  company has invested in an optimization and debottlenecking project for precursors at its plants in Germany. 

Structural work has already commenced, with  completion planned before the end of the first quarter of 2023. OQ Chemicals is  also investing in a partial reorganization of its global network of multi-purpose  production plants to boost efficiency, improve infrastructure, and further strengthen production capabilities. The new capacity is expected to be available to the  market in 2024.  

Manufacturers of various industries look to Oxo Performance Chemicals from OQ Chemicals as important building blocks to produce, for example, energy efficient high-performance lubricants, cosmetic ingredients, or animal feed additives. 

“For decades, OQ Chemicals has been at the forefront of carboxylic acids, making  us the global market leader in most of these products. As a technology leader in  Oxo Performance Chemicals from C3 to C9, we continue to develop new  technologies for future markets and applications,” said David Faust, executive vice  president, Oxo Performance Chemicals at OQ Chemicals. “For instance,  OQ Chemicals’ carboxylic acids can be used to produce highly efficient lubricants  for smart, eco-friendly, and energy-saving air conditioning systems, which are  becoming increasingly vital in a world of rising and extreme temperatures. In the  animal feed industry, our customers use our products to manufacture innovative  feed additives that can benefit animal welfare.” 

“At OQ Chemicals, we prioritize both fulfilling our customers’ current needs and  preparing for their future requirements. Our investment into this capacity increase  project aims to support our customers in their growth and will further strengthen our  leading position in the global market. We’re committed to the market to provide a  comprehensive product portfolio and be a dependable source for Oxo Performance Chemicals,” said Dr. Oliver Borgmeier, CEO of OQ Chemicals.