PETRON Malaysia launches new line of engine oils and specialty lubricant products
Photo courtesy of Petron

PETRON Malaysia launches new line of engine oils and specialty lubricant products

PETRON Malaysia Refining and Marketing Bhd unveiled a new line of Petron engine oils and specialty lubricant products last week. Petron High-Temperature Protection includes engine oils, automatic transmission fluids and brake fluids, gear oils and greases.

Petron Blaze Racing HTP for petrol engines and Petron Rev-X Turbo HTP for diesel engines are specially formulated with high-quality base oils. The fully synthetic Petron Blaze Racing HTP uses poly alpha olefin (PAO), providing better oxidation and thermal resistance than conventional base oils, and an advanced additive system. The product is designed to protect engines against wear and corrosion for longer engine life, and has been approved and certified for API SN, MB Approval 229.5, MB Approval 229.3, and Porsche A40. The fully synthetic Petron Rev-X Turbo HTP is for naturally aspirated and turbocharged or supercharged high-performance heavy-duty diesel engines. Also formulated with PAO, the diesel engine oil provides extended engine protection due to its outstanding oxidation and thermal stability, while preventing soot and piston deposits for superior engine cleanliness and efficiency.

Petron Rev-X Turbo HTP is approved and licensed according to API CJ-4/SN, MAN 3575, Cummins CES 20081, MB Approval 228.31, Volvo VDS-4, and Mack EO-O Premium Plus.

Petron retail and commercial business head Choong Kum Choy said: “We continuously innovate and improve our product offerings as part of our promise to provide top quality petroleum products. The Petron HTP is specially formulated to give improved engine cleanliness, efficiency and engine protection — thus offering a superior choice to our customers in terms of better protection, better performance and more savings.With Petron HTP’s balanced formulation, it gives maximum stability, consistency and efficiency. It is by far Petron’s best line of defence against extreme temperature and driving conditions.”

Petron HTP product line includes Blaze Racing HTP, Rev-X Turbo HTP, Gear Oil GHTP, Brake fluid HTP and Grease HTP.

“The products underscore our passion to provide the best lubricating solutions to our valued customers. Petron HTP engine oils meet the most stringent requirements for petrol and diesel engines, and is approved and certified according to the specifications of the API and SAE. We are also focused on giving the best protection to other components of a vehicle with the concurrent launch of HTP gear oil, brake fluid and greases,” said Choong.

The full Petron HTP product range is available at selected Petron Malaysia service stations nationwide, Shopee online store, Petron authorised distributors and workshops.

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