RelaDyne acquires Great Lakes Lubricants
Photo courtesy of RelaDyne

RelaDyne acquires Great Lakes Lubricants

RelaDyne, a leading provider of lubrication solutions and services in the U.S. based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has announced its acquisition of Great Lakes Lubricants. This strategic move is part of RelaDyne’s ongoing efforts to expand its market presence and enhance its service offerings across the United States.

Great Lakes Lubricants, a reputable distributor of high-quality lubricants and equipment, has been serving customers in the Midwest for several years. With its strong regional presence and commitment to excellence, the company has garnered a loyal customer base and established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

Larry Stoddard, CEO of RelaDyne, expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition. “The addition of Great Lakes Lubricants to the RelaDyne family aligns perfectly with our growth strategy. Their expertise, customer-centric approach, and strong regional presence will undoubtedly enhance our capabilities and allow us to serve a broader range of customers,” Stoddard said.

For Great Lakes Lubricants, joining forces with RelaDyne presents an opportunity to tap into a larger network, access advanced resources, and deliver even better services to its customers. Both companies share a common vision of providing top-notch lubrication solutions and are committed to driving growth and innovation in the industry.

As RelaDyne continues its expansion journey, the acquisition of Great Lakes Lubricants marks yet another milestone in its quest to become a dominant player in the lubricants industry. The company remains focused on identifying potential acquisition targets that align with its core values and business objectives.