Shell Energy Inside shaping the future of commercial energy with new offering

Shell Energy Inside shaping the future of commercial energy with new offering

Sparkfund and GridPoint have partnered with Shell in the launch of a new offering, Shell Energy Inside. Shell Energy Inside is part of Shell New Energies, Shell’s division that provides low carbon solutions to meet the world’s evolving energy needs. The offering is a subscription approach to smart buildings and pairs technologies such as HVAC, lighting, energy storage, electric vehicle charging, and building controls together with retail power supply and demand response.

“We are very excited to be launching Shell Energy Inside in North America with GridPoint and Sparkfund as founding partners,” said Brian Davis, vice president of Energy Solutions at Shell. “This offering enables us to help businesses meet their cost, sustainability, and resiliency goals. Today’s announcement is in line with our strategy to partner with leading companies to deliver more and cleaner energy solutions to new and existing customers.”

The bundled solution is powered by Sparkfund’s subscription engine, SparkOS, along with GridPoint Energy Manager, GridPoint’s controls and analytics platform. The offering is available to all commercial, industrial and municipal customers in North America.

Shell’s experience, paired with these key partnerships, uniquely positions Shell Energy Inside to redefine how commercial energy solutions are delivered.

“This is a historic moment, with one of the largest energy entities in the world working to reimagine the future of energy and energy services,” said Sparkfund CEO Pier LaFarge. “We’re excited to support this offering with our subscription engine, SparkOS.”

“Shell is breaking down the walls between once-siloed energy solutions to create one, converged offering that results in a more powerful product and customer relationship,” said Mark Danzenbaker, CEO of GridPoint. “We are thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking team.”

Sparkfund is an energy technology subscription company based in Washington, D.C. Sparkfund gives customers access to essential building energy functions — like cold air, light and resilience to storms — without the constraints of ownership, so they can do more energy projects, faster, and with fewer resources.

GridPoint is a smart buildings technology leader that makes site optimization simple. GridPoint’s platform provides visibility into facility operations to help customers automate and control sites, lower energy spend and proactively manage day-to-day operations. GridPoint’s customers include four of the top 10 retailers by total sales, three of the top 10 casual dining restaurants, five of the top 20 quick serve restaurants, leading commercial and industrial enterprises, and major government and educational institutions.

Shell established its New Energies division in 2016 and plans to invest on average USD1–2 billion a year until 2020 in commercial investments that build on the company’s strengths in new and fast-growing segments of the energy industry. Shell New Energies focuses on two main areas: new fuels for transport, such as advanced biofuels and hydrogen; and power, being involved at almost every stage of the process, from generating electricity, to buying and selling it, to supplying it directly to customers.

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