SK Energy starts selling carbon-neutral fuel at select outlets
Photo courtesy of SK Energy

SK Energy starts selling carbon-neutral fuel at select outlets

SK Energy started selling carbon-neutral fuel at select outlets in South Korea, as part of its “Drive To Zero” campaign. The pilot program will run for about 100 days from November 25, 2021 to February 28, 2022. SK Energy plans to continue selling carbon-neutral petroleum products in the future, depending on consumer feedback during the pilot program.

Carbon-neutral petroleum products are products that have zero greenhouse gas emissions. SK Energy launched the first carbon-neutral petroleum product in South Korea, carbon-neutral jet fuel, which it sold to Korean Air in August 2021.

The amount of carbon generated during the production, transportation, and consumption of these products will be offset with high-quality carbon credits issued by reforestation and deforestation prevention projects.

“Starting with the ‘Drive To Zero’ campaign, SK Energy will play a leading role in helping drivers pay attention to the climate crisis and participate in responding to the climate crisis through good consumption,” said Jong-hoon Oh, CEO of SK Energy P&M CIC.

“We will continue to discover eco-friendly business models for carbon reduction and contribute to the achievement of net zero,” he said.

Through SK’s Drive To Zero campaign, even ordinary people, not just institutions, can participate by purchasing carbon-neutral petroleum products. Drivers can choose to refuel with either carbon-neutral gasoline or carbon-neutral diesel fuel at 31 self-service fuel retail stations directly managed by SK Energy located in the metropolitan area. 

Carbon-neutral petroleum products are 12 won per liter higher than regular petroleum products because the carbon credits are added to the price of the product. During the campaign period, however, customers will  receive “muffin” points, a membership rewards program exclusive to SK Energy, equivalent to as much as 12 won per liter.

SK Energy said it plans to offset greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing carbon credits equivalent to the amount of carbon-neutral petroleum products sold during the campaign period. Assuming that about 30,000 people participate during the campaign, about 3,000 tons of carbon dioxide can be reduced, which can have the effect of planting about 21,000 trees.