Tata Motors and Infineum set new standards in Indian lube market

Tata Motors and Infineum set new standards in Indian lube market

Tata Motors Group, a global automobile manufacturer based in India, and Infineum, a global specialty chemical company based in the UK, have been recognised for leading the Indian lubricants market in developing a historic first heavy-duty engine oil designed to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality.

At the SIAT 2024 conference held in Pune, India, in January 2024, Tata was awarded ‘Best Indian Paper on Environmental Pollution’ for a joint paper with Infineum entitled “Development of Low Viscosity Fuel Economy Engine Oil for Commercial Vehicles.” SIAT, or the Symposium on International Automotive Technology, is a major event organised by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

This newly commercialised ultra-low viscosity engine oil, characterised by a 3.0 HTHS viscosity level, represents a significant advancement in the lubricant industry, offering substantial reductions in carbon emissions across Tata’s commercial vehicle line. The engine oil is available for both factory fill and service fill.

High Temperature High Shear (HTHS) viscosity, measured in centipoises (cP), is a critical measurement that indicates how an engine oil behaves under high temperature and high shear conditions, typical of those found in the engine’s bearings and other critical areas during operation. An HTHS viscosity of 3.0 cP means that the oil maintains a viscosity of 3.0 cP, taken at 150 degrees Celsius.

Engine oils with a 3.0 HTHS viscosity are considered low viscosity oils, which are often used in modern engines designed for improved fuel economy and lower emissions. They are suitable for vehicles that specify the use of lower viscosity oils, aligning with trends in engine design that prioritise efficiency and environmental considerations.

According to Infineum, the lubricant not only meets but exceeds sustainability benchmarks, demonstrating exceptional wear performance and durability through rigorous testing—over 100,000 hours on the engine dynamometer and more than 3.6 million kilometers on the road.

The partnership between Tata Motors and Infineum began in 2018 when Tata sought to develop a fully synthetic, premium quality engine oil that would meet the demanding specifications of modern heavy-duty engines while also supporting environmental sustainability goals. The successful collaboration has set a new industry benchmark, prompting other OEMs to follow suit, according to S.K. Raghuram, head of Infineum’s India office.

“What started as a product development effort aimed at top-tier HD performance with Tata created a new category for factory and service fill. We are proud to be part of this ground-breaking initiative that not only enhances the performance of commercial vehicles but also contributes to environmental sustainability. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with Tata and driving further innovations in the industry,” he said.

India’s burgeoning vehicle population makes emissions reduction a top priority and tackling this challenge was the cornerstone of the joint development between Tata and Infineum.